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Technical translations are those that enable a user or a company to produce and utilise services and products in a language that they understand. Examples include software to be installed on a computer, the technical specifications for a domestic appliance, the assembly instructions for a piece of industrial machinery, etc. These types of translations are very complex, as they require knowledge not only of the source and target markets, but also of the technical and scientific terminology involved, as the translation needs to reflect the original text that was written by a scientist or engineer. Ampersand is a Barcelona-based translation agency that has provided expert technical translations for more than 25 years. We work with translation memories and terminology glossaries to speed up the translation process while guaranteeing linguistic and technical accuracy.

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The most frequently requested technical translations

At Ampersand we translate all types of documents for companies that require technical translations. The companies that have the greatest need for this service, and with whom we work on a regular basis, include manufacturers (of physical products, software, etc.), service providers, architectural and engineering firms, energy companies, pharmaceutical corporations, public bodies, and more. Technical translations play an important role in the safety of users and employees and in corporate productivity, as they provide technical information in the users’ language. Consequently, they are vital in view of the advance of modern technology, and should therefore be carried out by qualified and experienced professionals like those at Ampersand. Some of the most common types of documents we translate are:

  • White papers and scientific documents
  • User manuals and guides
  • Warranties
  • Technical reports, plans, projects and drawings
  • Patents and patent applications
  • Technical data sheets
  • Data collection and interpretation
  • Installation manuals
  • Safety manuals
  • Maintenance guides

Traducció tècnica

How do I request a quote for technical translation services from Ampersand?

At Ampersand we strive to provide bespoke quotes and time frames and to evaluate each document individually.

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    Send us the material to be translated

    Send the quote form you will find here or at the bottom of the page, adding your details and the document you wish to translate, and specifying the language you require. We will then evaluate your request and get back to you very promptly.

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    Accept the bespoke quote

    The quote we send you will specify the exact price, the deadline for delivery and the instructions for confirming the project and making payment via bank transfer. Once we receive the confirmation, we will begin the technical translation immediately.

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    We deliver the technical translation to you

    A technical translation usually consists of the translated text in its entirety, in the format that has been agreed with the client. We will deliver the translation within the agreed time frame via e-mail, unless the client prefers another means of delivery.

Why use Ampersand’s technical translators?

We are masters of the source and target languages and markets

Although technical terminology is a particularly important part of technical translations, it is not the only factor that must be taken into account. That is why our team consists of translators who are native speakers of the most in-demand target languages at the European level and know the market in both the source and target countries.

We are experts in technical and scientific terminology

As well as a mastery of the source and target languages and markets, Ampersand’s translators all boast more than five years of experience in technical translation across every field. As a result, they can guarantee that their translations are objective and faithful to the original text. Additionally, they have an in-depth knowledge of the technical and scientific advances in their area of specialisation, and have the capacity to understand and communicate even the most complex of texts.

We offer maximum confidentiality with a single point of contact

We assign each project or client to a single point of contact, who will take the client’s needs into account and provide personalised monitoring and follow-up. This enables us to reduce our response times, address any new challenges that may arise and ensure that the entire project complies with the very strictest requirements. We have a strict commitment to confidentiality, which allows us to meet the most rigorous standards required by each client.

We are backed by 25 years of experience in technical translation

As one of the longest-established translation agencies in Barcelona, we are in the privileged position of having accumulated an in-depth knowledge of the types of documents that most commonly require a technical translation. We also have translation tools, such as terminology glossaries and translation memories for each client, which enable us to offer shorter time frames and lower prices while ensuring consistency.

We guarantee maximum transparency for prices and time frames

Most common technical documents can be translated at our basic rate of €0.10 + VAT per word. However, in order to avoid compromising the quality of the end product, we can only set a definitive price and deadline after analysing the material that is to be translated. This is because some documents may require additional research or formatting, owing to their content or format, and this could have an impact on the price and deadline for delivery.

We offer significant benefits for recurring or high-volume translations

Clients who need to translate technical documents on a regular basis with us will benefit from the assignment of a dedicated translator or translators and the creation of terminology glossaries and translation memories using the very latest software. This will ensure consistency regarding terminology and style, while making the process for each new translation faster and enabling us to offer discounts for projects with a high repetition rate.

We specialise in technical translation services for professionals and companies

Our 2,000-plus clients include professionals and companies of all kinds: from laboratories, appliance manufacturers and banks, to professionals who want to patent their designs or register their trademarks in other countries. These clients have entered into collaboration agreements with Ampersand that are fully adapted to their needs (e.g. product launch schedules, deadlines for submitting documents to public administrations, etc.), as well as to their budgets and their requirements regarding quality and confidentiality. From the very start, we assign a dedicated team to each project, create specific glossaries and translation memories, and work with the most reliable partners (couriers, consultants, etc.) at both the national and international level.

Technical translation: FAQ

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Which companies can benefit from technical translation services in Barcelona?

Most companies that produce goods or provide services will need a technical translation at one time or another, including those in the food, construction, electronics, aviation, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, military, energy and other sectors. We also work with public administrations.

How long does a technical translation usually take?

It depends on the document that is to be translated. Some technical translations involve documents that are very short (e.g. a simple blueprint), while others are many pages long (e.g. catalogues, user manuals, technical reports, etc.) and may need one or more weeks to translate. If you would like to know the exact time frame for translating your document, ask us for a no-obligation quote, making sure to send us the materials that are to be translated. We will then set a specific deadline, which we will comply with scrupulously. If you need the translation urgently, tell us in the message you send via the quote form, and we will adjust the time frame as much as possible. Additionally, the more translations we do for a company, the less time we need for subsequent projects, as we create specific glossaries and translation memories that streamline the process for each new translation.

Many technical documents contain repeated sentences. Are these repetitions charged at the same rate as new text?

This is one of the reasons why we need to evaluate the material that is to be translated before providing a quote. We need to have all of the material that is to be translated, without removing any sentences or sections of text in order to reduce the word count, so that the translator has all of the context required to translate the document correctly. We will also take into account the number of repetitions, which will be stored in the translation memory in order to make sure that the price is as cost-effective as possible.

Do you do technical translations in both directions, i.e. so that they are valid in Spain or abroad?

Yes. We provide our clients with a dedicated team of translators specialising in the languages that are most in demand at the European level (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch and Portuguese). We also take on projects in other languages, such as Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Ask us for information on prices and time frames.