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At some point, every company that does business abroad will need to translate documents related to economic, financial and banking matters. Because they involve one of the most powerful, sensitive and heavily regulated industries in the world, financial translations place a great deal of responsibility on the translator. They require not only linguistic proficiency, but also knowledge of the standards and regulations in the source and target countries, mastery of the specific terminology and general competence in financial matters. To all of this are added the extremely strict confidentiality requirements that are inherent to these types of activities. Whether for internal processes (mergers, acquisitions, etc.) or cooperation with partners, companies need the services of agencies like Ampersand. For over 25 years we have produced linguistically and technically impeccable financial translations in Barcelona, while keeping up to the date with the specific terminology and standards of the financial world in order to optimise our levels of experience.

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The most frequently requested financial translations

At Ampersand we translate all types of documents for companies that require financial translations. The key sectors that often need these types of translations include insurance, real estate, manufacturing, investment and software. They are also required by start-ups of all kinds and any company that has an international presence. The success or failure of a business can depend on the quality of a financial translation: for this reason, it is vital that these translations are carried out by qualified and experienced professionals like those at Ampersand. Some of the most common types of documents we translate are:

  • Regulatory documents
  • Business plans
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Cash flow statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Audit reports
  • Annual reports
  • National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) reports
  • Tax reports
  • Insurance documents
  • Public and private bids
  • Disclaimers
  • Financial agreements
  • Benefit statements
  • Minutes of employee benefits meetings

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How do I request a quote for financial translation services from Ampersand?

We believe that one of Ampersand’s differentiating features is the ability to combine a streamlined quote process with a precise price and time frame.

Why use Ampersand’s financial translators?

We are experts in financial terminology

Ampersand’s translators boast specific training and experience in the area of finance, which guarantees they have an extremely thorough knowledge of the terminology and are up to date with the latest terms and technologies in the sector. Consequently, they are able to understand and communicate any text that falls within their area of expertise, thereby guaranteeing the success of business processes that depend on objective translations which are faithful to the original document.

We are experts in the source and target languages and markets

Financial translation is conditioned by the context of the source and target countries, rather than by the languages involved. At Ampersand we provide our clients with a team of translators who are native speakers of the target language and have an in-depth knowledge of the market. This enables us to guarantee utmost precision with regard to terminology, linguistic expression and format. Moreover, our translators strive to ensure overall consistency across all of the company’s financial documentation, in order to guarantee a good brand image.

We offer maximum confidentiality with a single point of contact

We know that financial documents require confidentiality standards that are stricter than those for any other type of project. We meet these requirements by ensuring compliance with the most rigorous international confidentiality standards, and by assigning a single point of contact and the same team of translators to each project or client, in accordance with their needs. This enables us to reduce our response times, address any new challenges that may arise and make sure that the entire project complies with the very strictest requirements.

We are backed by 25 years of experience in financial translation

The experience that a financial translator can bring is a vital component of best practices in this sector. With Ampersand, our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that we are backed by 25 years of experience in financial translation, with translators who boast at least five years of industry experience and are up to date with all of the latest standards and regulatory changes, thereby ensuring an end product of impeccable quality.

We offer prices and time frames adapted to each case

The nature of financial translation means that a significant proportion of the content comprises numbers, symbols and tables or tabular data, and that a large part of the translator’s work involves formatting (e.g. ensuring accuracy and consistency in the use of full stops, commas, abbreviations, upper and lower case text, etc.). For this reason, we can only guarantee a high-quality translation and provide a bespoke quote and time frame after analysing the material that is to be translated. We work with translation memories in order to offer time frames that are as short as possible.

We provide a dedicated translator and create glossaries and translation memories for each recurring client

Clients who need to translate financial documents on a regular basis (e.g. profit and loss accounts each year, regular business plans, etc.) will benefit from the creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries and translation memories, as well as the assignment of a dedicated translator or translators. This will ensure maximum consistency with regard to terminology and style, reduce the risk of errors and incongruences, and make the process of translating documents with a high repetition rate faster and more economical.

We specialise in financial translation services for international companies

Our 2,000-plus clients include professionals and companies of all kinds: from banking and financial institutions employing thousands of people, to micro-enterprises that want to expand into the international market. Usually, the documents we translate are determined by the company’s work schedule (shareholders’ meetings, presentation of results, payment of dividends, etc.), and so we adapt our activities accordingly. We are also able to adjust our quotes in line with the characteristics of the document and adapt to the client’s specific needs with regard to quality and confidentiality. From the very start, we assign a dedicated team to each project, create specific glossaries and translation memories, and work with the most reliable partners (couriers, consultants, etc.) at both the national and international level.

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Financial translation: FAQ

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Which companies can benefit from financial translation services in Barcelona?

Most companies that do business with firms in other countries will need financial translations, so that they can make themselves accountable to their shareholders, begin a merger process, draw up a collaboration agreement, etc. The companies that most commonly require these services are those in the banking, real estate, investment, automotive, insurance and software sectors. Often, financial translations are also required by NGOs and public administrations.

What confidentiality standards do we apply to our financial translations?

The majority of the financial documents we translate are strictly confidential. For this reason, as well as applying a confidentiality agreement to each translation we carry out, we also apply the same confidentiality stipulations to the general terms and conditions for contracting our services. Additionally, we ensure compliance with any non-disclosure agreements our clients may impose.

How long does a financial translation usually take?

The length of a financial translation can vary greatly: from a one-page summary of a financial product, to an extensive annual report. Moreover, the complexity and format can also vary greatly, in accordance with a wide range of factors.
If you would like to know the exact time frame for translating your document, ask us for a no-obligation quote, making sure to send us the materials that are to be translated. We will then set a specific deadline, which we will comply with scrupulously. Moreover, when we work with companies on longer-term projects, the specific glossaries and translation memories we create enable us to translate each new text faster, thereby ensuring shorter time frames.

If a document contains many repetitions of particular financial terms, are these repetitions charged at the same rate as new words?

This is one of the reasons why we need to evaluate the material that is to be translated before providing a quote. We need to have all of the material that is to be translated, without removing any sentences or sections of text in order to reduce the word count, so that the translator has all of the context required to translate the document correctly. We will also take into account the number of repetitions, which will be stored in the translation memory in order to make sure that the quote is as cost-effective as possible.

Do you do financial translations in both directions, i.e. so that they are valid in Spain or abroad?

Yes. We provide our clients with a dedicated team of translators specialising in the languages that are most in demand at the European level (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch and Portuguese). Additionally, we adapt our work in line with the different variants of each language (e.g. Latin American Spanish, American English, Brazilian Portuguese, etc.). We also take on projects in other languages, such as Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Ask us for information on prices and time frames