Copy editing

Sometimes, texts must be reviewed to ensure that language is being used correctly and that there are no misprints, spelling mistakes or stylistic errors. Our team of copy editors is highly experienced in editing all types of text and guarantees linguistic quality in reviewed texts. All copy editing is carried out by editors who are native speakers of the language of the text they are reviewing.

Copy editing in Catalan

If you write in Catalan, you will reach its 10 million speakers. But, when writing in Catalan, you need to ensure the highest levels of linguistic and contextual quality. On some occasions, you may require help from Catalan-language professionals, who will adapt your text to the standards established by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans and make it readable and clear. After all, a quality text will improve your image and appeal to your target audience. At Ampersand Translations, we work with professional copy editors who have all the necessary knowledge and training to perfect your texts.

Copy editing in Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language as a mother tongue in the world, only beaten by Mandarin Chinese. So, when you publish content in Spanish, you will be reaching a huge audience, the members of which deserve to read texts of a certain linguistic quality. Well written texts improve brand image, while shoddy writing full of mistakes will make your business look careless and incompetent. For your copy editing needs, you should trust in professional teams like the one at Ampersand Translations, which boasts years of experience in the field of copy editing.

Copy editing in English

English is the third most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers, climbing to first place if non-native speakers are counted. It is truly the lingua franca of the business and commercial world. For these reasons, it is essential for your documents and materials to be well written in English, if you want to cultivate a positive image for your products and services. What’s more, during the copy editing process, it is important to check that the text has been written in the relevant variant of English: American English, British English, Australian English, etc. At Ampersand Translations, we have been editing documents in English for 25 years and work with a team of copy editors who are native speakers of the different variants of this language.

Copy editing in French

French is one of the languages with the most worldwide presence, especially in relations between international organisations. If your texts are available in French, you will reach approximately 77 million native speakers and around 200 million more who speak French as a second language. If you want to optimise your business’s image through perfectly written texts, in terms of both linguistic quality and context, they need to be checked by a professional copy editor. At Ampersand Translations, our team of experienced, trained copy editors can edit your documents written in French and ensure that they are flawless.

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