Reasons to translate


Internationalisation: a key tool to convince your customers

At Ampersand, we offer comprehensive and effective professional translation services that allow companies and institutions to make internationalisation a reality through the translation and adaptation of all of their content and communication media. We help organisations like yours get their message across to clients, wherever they may be and whatever language they may speak.

5 reasons to translate

Translating expands your market

Translation automatically broadens your potential market simply because you are including customers from countries that don’t speak your company’s language. The fewer native speakers there are of your language, the more potential market you lose by not reaching out to the world in more languages. The world, however, is so linguistically diverse that no single language will suffice in reaching the entire population.

Translating improves your company’s image

Translation is a good image and public relations strategy, as it strengthens the feeling of proximity and trust that the customer places in your company, as well as their responsiveness to your product or service. It’s also a question of corporate social responsibility. Your company will be respecting the linguistic and cultural identity of your customers, who will then show their appreciation through their loyalty.

Translating helps your products succeed

Translation improves the experience of using any product or service, by making it more understandable, familiar, and enjoyable. Providing a customer with well written instructions in his or her everyday language is the best way to start a new relationship between this customer and your product.

Translating reduces your costs

Translation reduces the training time associated with any product or service, especially for those that are more technical and have a high added value. This not only helps reduce user training costs, but also reduces the costs relating to after-sales service and support, as it minimises the number and complexity of service-related problems.

Translating brings you into higher quality and price brackets

Translation increases the general perception of the product or service value and consequently, the price that the customer is willing to pay. Translation is one more provision of your product or service, and part of its value chain. Translation is therefore part of the cost but also part of the product value perceived by the customer… and your company can recover this cost through the price you charge.


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