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Contract translations are highly sensitive legal translations. If they are not carried out by professional translators whose skills and capacities go beyond simple fluency in the languages involved, errors may occur that – no matter how small they are – could result in financial or legal consequences for an individual or a company. Even a mistake as small as swapping a full stop for a comma, or involving a percentage, a symbol, an abbreviation or a single word, could have major consequences. In the case of contracts drawn up in English, for example, there are words that do not have a literal translation in other languages.

At Ampersand we only work with translators who are native speakers of the target language, have experience with these types of documents, boast a mastery of the terminology for the field in question and have broad knowledge of the culture of the target market. This enables us to guarantee that our contract translations are impeccable. Our services are backed by 25 years of experience and more than 4,000 clients.

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The types of contracts we translate at Ampersand

At Ampersand we translate contracts of all types in Barcelona, for clients - usually companies - all over the world. Depending on the contract in question, we select translators with knowledge of the corresponding field (e.g. finance, employment, health, education, technology, etc.). Below are some examples of the types of contracts we deal with, although we also translate many others, including contracts that combine two or more types in one document (e.g. renting or leasing):

  • Sale and purchase agreements: translating these types of documents requires a faithful representation of what one party is offering, the amount to be paid by the other party, and the payment method and time frame. They can involve any field, including health, technology, construction, education, finance, and more.
  • Collaboration agreements: along with purchase agreements, these are among the contracts we translate most often, and can take the form of agency agreements, power of attorney agreements, franchise agreements, and more. In all cases, it is necessary to ensure that the conditions they stipulate are expressed with maximum accuracy.
  • Insurance contracts: we take care to ensure the correct translation of the terms and conditions of insurance documents in which one party undertakes to cover the costs of a series of risks in exchange for payment of a premium.
  • Employment contracts: many multinational companies need to translate their employees’ contracts so that they remain valid in countries with very different work cultures and legislation. Loan and credit agreements: we translate contracts for financial institutions or companies that take out loans and require a translation of the terms and conditions under which a sum of money is loaned on the proviso that it will be paid back.
  • Guarantee agreements: we have extensive experience in the translation of contracts related to securities, deposits, mortgages, etc., which meticulously set out the guarantee that the parties provide or receive for the fulfilment of an obligation and specify the nature of said obligation.

We offer volume discounts for companies

We often work with the commercial and legal departments of companies and institutions that enter into countless agreements with other parties every year and need to translate those agreements for various purposes, ranging from the most simple (e.g. so that a party who does not speak the language can understand the document) to those that are more complex, such as legal procedures. We have the capacity to adapt to our clients’ scheduling needs and also their budgets by offering volume discounts. We are backed by more than 2,000 corporate and institutional clients, particularly in the pharmaceutical, technology, food and metallurgical sectors, among others.

Traducció de contractes

The process of translating a contract with Ampersand

At Ampersand we provide definitive, bespoke quotes and time frames after evaluating each document individually.

  • 1
    Assigning a team

    Translating a contract with Ampersand begins with the assignment of a project manager, who will work with a team of translators and specialists in the field of the contract that is to be translated. All of those involved will be bound by a confidentiality agreement.

  • 2
    The translation process

    The document will pass through several stages of translation and revision, always governed by the same conditions of confidentiality. It will also be subject to an internal quality control analysis, in order to guarantee its linguistic quality and - in particular - to ensure that it has been translated with sufficient technical precision to faithfully reproduce the original.

  • 3
    Secure delivery

    Our stringent security and confidentiality measures remain in place right up to the point of delivery, for which purpose we use secure delivery systems and courier companies that are qualified for this type of task. Our commitment continues even after delivery.

Why should you entrust the translation of your contracts to Ampersand?

We know the market and the technical and legal terminology that is required

Our translators are native speakers of the target language, are familiar with the culture of the country in question, always have more than five years of experience and boast technical knowledge of both the legal field and the sector to which the contract relates.

All of our translations are subject to rigorous quality controls

We have a stable in-house team of translators, which enables us to oversee the translation process from start to finish and verify the quality of the translation at every stage, in a way that companies that depend on freelance translators are unable to do.

We scrupulously comply with deadlines

We know that contracts are highly sensitive documents that must be delivered on time. That is why we work with well-defined workflows that are monitored with management tools, to ensure that each stage of the process is completed within the specified time frame.

We have more than 25 years of experience in contract translation in Barcelona

As one of the longest-established Barcelona-based agencies in contract translation, we remain responsible for our work in the long term. This represents an additional guarantee for our clients, particularly those in the corporate world.

We offer accessible project management with a single point of contact

When it comes to translating a contract, we believe it is important not only to deliver a translation that is linguistically impeccable and faithful to the original, but also to assign a project manager in order to provide faster response times and ensure maximum availability.

We are subject to the most stringent security and confidentiality measures

We know that contracts are highly sensitive documents. With regard to information protection, we act as the company’s partner, employing extremely rigorous IT security systems and an in-house team of professionals that are subject to strict confidentiality agreements.

Specialists in the sworn translation of contracts

In certain cases, such as lawsuits and merger and acquisition processes, a sworn translation of a document may be required. At Ampersand we have a team of sworn translators who are certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can provide officially valid contract translations. Sworn translation has a separate cost and is not always necessary; it is therefore important that the client establishes whether a standard or sworn translation is required.

Traducció jurada de certificats

Contract translation: FAQ

Still have unanswered questions and need to get in touch?

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There are websites that offer instant translation for contracts. Is it advisable to use them?

If you want to make sure that the translation of your contract will not give rise to any problems, we do not recommend these types of websites. Even in the best-case scenario, they will use machine translation and translation memories and glossaries that do not faithfully reproduce the original contract. No two contracts are exactly the same and these websites do not have anyone who can verify potential ambiguities in the text and confirm the absence of errors.
If the contract you need to translate is important to the company’s interests, the only way to serve those interests adequately is with a translation carried out by an experienced agency that has a team of translators specialising in the field in question, takes the time required to produce an optimum translation, and provides a guarantee for the work it delivers.

How much does it cost to translate a contract?

No two contracts are the same, regardless of whether they have the same structure. There may always be specific factors that influence the price. Committing to a price before verifying the material to be translated is an industry practice that has a negative impact on the quality of the translation, owing to the fact that texts of the same length may present different levels of complexity when it comes to achieving a translation that is precise and linguistically correct. Factors such as urgency, format, language combination, etc. also have an influence.
Additionally, a translation carried out by a company that only offers online services, without any kind of quality controls or confidentiality measures, will not cost the same as a translation carried out by an agency like Ampersand, which offers the highest quality and confidentiality standards thanks to continued investment in technological, legal and human resources.
If you would like a quote for the translation of a contract, please call us on 93 415 99 90 or send us a request via the form, making sure to attach the material to be translated so that we can evaluate it. We will get back to you on the same day.

How long does it take to translate a contract?

It depends on the type of contract. There are very simple contracts with hardly any clauses, which may take just a few days to translate; and there are also very complex contracts that may even require formatting, and therefore need several weeks to translate.
If we have already translated contracts of the same type, in the same field and for the same client, the time frame will be shorter, as we will have already created a specific glossary and translation memory that enable us to translate more quickly while ensuring precision and consistency.
If you would like to know the exact time frame for a contract translation, ask us for a no-obligation quote and send us the material you wish to translate. We will then set a specific deadline, which we will comply with scrupulously.

How can you ensure an accurate translation of high linguistic quality in as short a time as possible?

Through a process that has been perfected over the years, consisting of a project manager specialising in contracts who has a thorough understanding of the client’s profile and market, a stable team of translators that allows us to quickly select the best translator for each case, and an internal quality control process that enables us to validate the quality of the translation.

Do you translate contracts in both directions, i.e. so that they are valid in Spain or abroad?

Yes. We provide our clients with a dedicated team of translators specialising in the languages that are most in demand at the European level (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch and Portuguese). We also take on projects in other languages, such as Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Ask us for information on prices and time frames.