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Digital content is a vital tool that enables companies and professionals to connect with audiences to whom they wish to sell their products or services. Offering this content in the audience’s language is essential in order to generate trust. Although there are many software solutions that can produce machine translations of text for websites, ads, blog articles, etc., they do not provide satisfactory commercial results, as the translations fail to create a connection with native speakers, to whom the text appears rather unnatural. These types of translations are Ampersand’s speciality: we handle the translation of digital content of all kinds, thereby enabling our clients to reach their target markets.

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The most frequently requested types of professional marketing translations

At Ampersand, we produce professional marketing translations for all types of products and services, however specialised they may be. We adapt any materials that form part of a multilingual commercial communication strategy - whether internal or external - in line with the relevant linguistic variants and cultural references for the target audience. Additionally, we boast a team that specialises in online marketing and is familiar with the specific formats used for online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. We also translate websites: however, in view of their great importance as a marketing tool par excellence, we have provided more information about this service on a separate web page. The types of marketing translation services for agencies offered by Ampersand include:

Translation of commercial and marketing texts

  • Offline: media ads (radio, television, press), billboards and posters, stationery (business cards, invitations, greetings cards, letters, etc.), press clippings, etc.
  • Online: marketing campaigns via e-mail (newsletters) and SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram; creative content for Facebook, Instagram, etc.; ads for Google Ads and YouTube; websites and online stores; press releases, etc.

Translation of technical and specialised content for products and services

  • Flyers, leaflets and catalogues for products and services, etc.

Translation of content for website ranking (SEO)

  • We are familiar with SEO requirements regarding the natural repetition of keywords and their inclusion in the website’s meta tags, etc.

How do I request a quote for marketing translation services from Ampersand?

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Why should you entrust your marketing translations to professionals such as Ampersand?

Not only are we experts in specific marketing terminology; we also know the terminology for your product or service

Our marketing translation professionals not only boast exhaustive knowledge of the relevant terminology for the marketing field; they also have proven experience in working with texts in your sector, thereby ensuring that their translations will communicate exactly the same idea as the original.

Our professionals boast outstanding linguistic proficiency because they are native speakers of the target language

We only work with translators who are native speakers of the target language requested. This ensures that the translated text will sound natural without sacrificing the meaning of the original text, and that it will connect with the audience: a vital quality for a strategy that aims to increase sales.

We have a thorough understanding of the social and cultural characteristics of both the source country and the target market

Marketing materials are usually underpinned by cultural and historical references, frequently respond to trends and are often communicated through social media. At Ampersand we have a thorough understanding of the context of each market, which enables us to identify the most exact equivalent in the target language for the translation.

We offer the perfect balance between translation and transcreation, in order to persuade through emotions

At Ampersand we respect the original idea behind the marketing text, which is why we place just the right amount of emphasis on creativity in order to achieve the perfect translation and thereby meet the objective set.

We offer maximum confidentiality, the most rigorous quality standards and strict compliance with deadlines

We know that marketing translations usually form part of a commercial schedule, and that materials are often not published until we translate them. For this reason, we take confidentiality and compliance with deadlines extremely seriously.

Our memories and glossaries ensure consistency and accuracy for high-volume projects

Companies that require advertising translations on a regular basis value the fact that we create and maintain terminology glossaries and translation memories and assign a dedicated translator or translation team to their projects, as they know that this will ensure stylistic consistency and accuracy for their communications as well as speed up the translation process for documents that are similar to each other.

Marketing and advertising translations for specialised agencies and companies with Ampersand

Advertising is a component of marketing, in the sense that it is responsible for promoting a brand’s image as part of a series of strategies designed to maximise sales. At Ampersand we also carry out advertising translations within the overall framework of marketing: not only for marketing and advertising agencies, but also for the specific departments that perform these tasks within a company. To find out more about our advertising translation services, click on this link.

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Hiring a company with experience in marketing translation is a safe bet

Marketing agencies and companies gain extra confidence from entrusting their professional marketing translations to a company like Ampersand, which boasts over 25 years of proven experience. This is because they know that at Ampersand we remain responsible for our work both now and in the future, we understand the importance of short response times, we have the flexibility to adapt to their standards, teams, budgets and schedules, and that we will not risk their reputation by delivering work that is suboptimal. A large percentage of our 2,000-plus clients are companies that have worked with us for many years.

Professional marketing translation: FAQ

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I need to translate a marketing text and I’ve seen websites offering machine translation that they claim is guaranteed. Should I use them?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is very advanced and machine translators, which work with very large translation memories, are frequently used. However, a marketing translation may involve changing the content so that the idea works with a particular audience, and this can only be done through human inventiveness. If we want to connect with a person’s emotions, we have to place the translation in the hands of someone who understands those emotions. It does not make sense to obtain a translation that does not achieve your commercial objectives, for the sake of saving money.

Might a marketing translation distort the message in order to connect with the target audience? How can I be sure that the translation matches the corporate image I wish to project?

At Ampersand, we remain in constant contact with the client and can make any revisions, changes or adjustments (or produce any new versions) that may be required in order to ensure that the end result is entirely to their satisfaction. We adapt our work in line with the creative limits set by the client, in order to make sure that the message hits the target while guaranteeing maximum respect for the creator’s idea.

Which companies can benefit from Ampersand’s professional marketing translation services?

Generally, companies that have created marketing campaigns or have commissioned them. These may include advertising and marketing agencies (including online marketing agencies), any other type of company, and even public institutions.

How long does a marketing translation usually take?

These types of texts may take longer to translate and revise. Sometimes we are tasked with translating ads for a Facebook campaign in which the client has given us total freedom; these projects may take several days. On other occasions, as well as the translation we also have to review the final artwork, which makes the process longer. It is not possible to estimate a time frame without first analysing the material that is to be translated and the needs and objectives of the client requesting the translation.

Do you translate advertising content in any language?

We provide our clients with a dedicated team of translators specialising in the languages that are most in demand at the European level (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch and Portuguese). We also take on projects in other languages, such as Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Additionally, we adapt our work in line with the different variants of each language (e.g. Latin American Spanish, American English, Brazilian Portuguese, etc.). Ask us for information on prices and time frames.