Marketing translation

Marketing translations are highly important, as the success and image of a business depend greatly on the quality of its communication and, of course, the translation of this communication. If your business is going to sell on international markets, it is crucial for all the documentation you use to be adapted to the target market’s language and culture. At Ampersand Translations, we translate all kinds of marketing and communication messages (whether internal or external), in order to guarantee quality communication between the company and its customers or suppliers, or even within the company itself.

Marketing translation into Catalan

Approximately 10 million people speak Catalan, and these speakers value reading marketing and advertising campaigns in their own language. This creates a sense of proximity, bringing your products and campaigns closer to your potential customers and encouraging them to buy. Translating your marketing campaigns into this language can open the door to a vast market of users who prefer to read Catalan. Ampersand Translations has a professional team with over 25 years’ experience in marketing translation and can offer services that adapt to your needs.

Marketing translation into Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language as a mother tongue in the world, only beaten by Mandarin Chinese. The number of users you can reach if you translate your marketing campaigns into Spanish is therefore enormous. It is essential that you provide your content in Spanish if you want to succeed on this market. And don’t forget: given the wide variety of countries where Spanish is spoken, your marketing campaigns need to be translated into the relevant variant or into a neutral Spanish, suitable for all users. At Ampersand Translations, we have plenty of experience in the field of marketing translation and pay special attention to the variant of Spanish you need.

Marketing translation into English

English is the third most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers, climbing to first place if non-native speakers are counted. It is truly the lingua franca of the business and commercial world. So, if you want to harness the power of a worldwide audience, it is essential that you translate your marketing campaigns into English; your marketing, advertising and training content will reach users all over the world. Remember, though, that you need to decide whether you want your content translated into a specific variant of English (American English, British English, etc.). At Ampersand Translations, we are pioneers in marketing translation. Your marketing content will be translated into English by our experienced team of translators who are native speakers of the different variants of this language.

Marketing translation into French

French is one of the languages with the most worldwide presence, especially in relations between international organisations. If you have your marketing texts translated into French, you will reach approximately 77 million native speakers and around 200 million more who speak French as a second language. At Ampersand Translations, we take the linguistic variant (France, Canada, etc.) into account when translating marketing documents into French to create a greater sense of proximity with your audience.

Marketing translation into German

There are 130 million speakers of German: a considerable market for your products and services. To reach this vast audience, you will need to have your marketing campaigns translated into German. At Ampersand, we work with a team of native German translators and have plenty of experience in marketing translation. We use our 25 years of experience to achieve the best results for you.

Marketing translation into Italian

If you want your business’s products and content to reach Italian-speaking users (approximately 70 million people), you need to translate your marketing campaigns into Italian. This audience values reading adverts, product information and other marketing documentation in their own language. The proximity this generates is likely to benefit you when your customers reach the purchase decision stage. At Ampersand Translations, we are familiar with the characteristics of these texts and have all the necessary experience to translate your marketing documents into Italian, thanks to our native-speaker translators.

Marketing translation into Portuguese

The Portuguese-language market is huge, with around 235 million speakers. To reach this vast audience, it is important to translate your marketing documents into Portuguese, while keeping in mind the language variety of your target audience and the different aspects of this type of text: SEO (if it is an online text), readability, etc. At Ampersand Translations, we and our team of translators, who are all native Portuguese speakers and have plenty of experience in this field, take all these factors into account when translating your marketing material into Portuguese.

Marketing translation into Chinese

There is no question that, with over 900 million native speakers of Chinese, China is the biggest market in the world. To reach this vast market, you need to communicate well with your target audience. The most important step is translating your marketing campaigns into Chinese, although cultural differences, which are especially striking in the digital world, must be taken into account. You therefore need to rely on a qualified translator who knows how to connect with a Chinese audience through the appropriate variety of Chinese (simplified or traditional). At Ampersand, we take these factors into account when translating your marketing texts into Chinese, so that your message reaches your audience in the ideal conditions.

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