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One of the most common mistakes made by companies wanting to increase their target audience by making their website available in different languages is using an inadequate translation, whether due to the use of machine translation (including the translation plug-ins that are used to duplicate the website in various languages) or entrusting the translation to an agency that focuses on linguistic correctness without paying attention to the message’s suitability for its target market. These types of translations do not usually generate the trust that is needed to request information or purchase a product or service online, and as a result, the website fails to meet the company’s commercial objectives. At Ampersand we have more than 25 years of experience in commercial translation and have been translating websites in Barcelona for over a decade.

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What will a website translation by Ampersand achieve?

Establish a business abroad

A translation that is both linguistically correct and connects with the target market will help the company to generate the trust required for international expansion.

Increase the conversion rate

Users are more likely to make a purchase or request information if the website is in their native language; and they are even more likely to do so if the website takes their specific local characteristics into account.

Outperform the competition on Google

A translation that is not only linguistically correct and connects with the market, but is also based on Google ranking criteria, will help the website to improve its position in the ranking.

Streamline the translation workflow

Fast, flexible translation of web content in various formats is vital in order to present a good image, and companies are not always able to achieve this using their in-house resources alone.

Translations oriented towards a high ranking (SEO) and good advertising performance

Professional translation services are needed in order to translate a website, as Internet search engines prioritise well-written sites. The translator must also have knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation) and use the best keywords to ensure that the translated website achieves a good position in the ranking. Translating a website means translating not only the visible content, but also all of the URLs, keywords, meta tags and other non-visible content that search engines track in order to rank it.

These tasks are also important in cases where the client wants to boost the performance of online advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Consequently, in certain cases our work consists of transcreation, i.e. a combination of translation and creativity.

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How do I request a quote for website translation services from Ampersand?

Ampersand provides quotes and time frames that are adapted in line with each project. By evaluating each document individually, we can take variables such as word count, urgency and repetition rate (or volume, if various documents need to be translated) into account, which enables us to offer discounts and adjust the deadlines for delivery.

Why use Ampersand to translate a website?

We have experts in terminology for every website

We are able to translate websites for any sector, regardless of how specific the terminology may be, as we have teams specialising in technical, commercial, financial and all other types of translations. Moreover, our teams keep up to date with the new terms and technologies for each sector, so that they can understand and communicate any type of text within their area of expertise and thereby help the company’s online strategy to succeed.

We have a mastery of the source and target languages and markets

Website translation is highly conditioned by the context of the source and target countries, as well as the languages and terminology involved. In turn, this context determines which keywords should be used in order to achieve a high Google ranking (SEO). At Ampersand we are highly proficient in the languages and terminology required, have in-depth knowledge of both the source and target markets, and work with a team of native translators.

We offer maximum confidentiality with a single point of contact

We comply with the strictest confidentiality requirements and adhere to the most rigorous international confidentiality standards, in view of the fact that website content is often linked to the launch of new products and services. Moreover, we assign our clients a single point of contact, in order to provide shorter response times and ensure that we are able to address any new challenges that may arise.

We are backed by 25 years of translation experience

With Ampersand, clients have the peace of mind of working with a partner that has over 25 years of experience in technical and commercial translation. Our in-house team of translators are native speakers of the most in-demand languages, are accountable for the quality of their work, and create glossaries and translation memories in order to ensure that subsequent translations are cost-effective, linguistically consistent and present an impeccable image.

We offer prices and time frames adapted to each case

The nature of website translation means that a significant part of the translator’s work involves formatting. For this reason, we can only guarantee a high-quality translation, and provide a specific quote and time frame, after analysing the material that is to be translated.

We adapt to the most common formats for the most popular CMS platforms on the market

Often, our clients need to translate websites that contain many different pages, but are unable to provide the texts in word-processing formats such as Word or Google Docs. For this reason, we also translate texts in Excel format exported directly from the database of each CMS, as well as texts in HTML, PHP, XML and XLIFF format. This greatly speeds up the process of uploading the translation to the website.

We specialise in website translation services for businesses

Achieving good online visibility and presenting a good image in general to partners and clients around the world involves publishing regular content (e.g. information on new products and services, posts, mailing campaigns, etc.) that is of the highest quality, error-free, SEO and marketing friendly, and produced in all of the necessary formats. In some cases, companies may not be able to achieve this using their in-house resources alone; in turn, this can give rise to tensions or delays and have a negative impact on quality. That is why we are reliable partners for companies that need translators for short, regular translations as well as for larger projects, such as a new version of a website containing hundreds of thousands of words. We adapt to the client’s publication schedule (monthly articles, launches for online services or products, etc.), as well as their budget and specific needs with regard to confidentiality and quality.

From the very start, we assign a dedicated team to each project, create specific glossaries and translation memories, and work with the most reliable partners (couriers, consultants, etc.) at both the national and international level.

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Website translation: FAQ

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What types of websites can benefit from Ampersand’s translation services?

Any website, regardless of sector or size, can be translated in order to reach a larger market: from a webpage for a lawyer who only specialises in three different fields, to a site featuring hundreds of products whose specific features need to be translated. Public administrations and NGOs of all kinds may also wish to expand the scope of their message by making their website available in numerous languages. Websites of all kinds can be translated: from simple webpages created with WordPress or Wix, to more complex sites that have a bespoke content management system.

How long does a website translation usually take?

Unlike the translation of ordinary documents, which have similar formats, lengths and levels of complexity, website translations can involve content that varies greatly in terms of length, format and terminology. Some translations can be completed in a few days, as they only involve a few hundred words with standard terminology, while others may require several weeks.
If you would like to know the exact time frame for translating your website content, ask us for a no-obligation quote, making sure to send us the materials that are to be translated (in Word, Excel or another format). We will then set a specific deadline, which we will comply with scrupulously. Moreover, when we work with companies on longer-term projects involving the regular translation of content, the specific glossaries and translation memories we create enable us to translate each new text faster, thereby ensuring shorter time frames.

Some websites, such as online stores, often repeat the same text (e.g. text related to terms and conditions of purchase) on different pages. Are these repetitions charged at the same rate as new text?

This is one of the reasons why we need to evaluate the material that is to be translated before providing a quote. We need to have all of the material that is to be translated, including any repeated words or sentences, which clients sometimes remove in order to reduce the word count. This is the only way to ensure that the translator has all of the context required to translate the document correctly. It also enables us to take into account the number of repetitions, which will be stored in the translation memory in order to make sure that the initial quote is as cost-effective as possible.

The sections containing terms and conditions of purchase and use, privacy policies, etc. are more delicate to translate. Do you also translate these types of content?

Of course. These sections will be translated by our team specialising in legal translation, which has an expert command of the relevant terminology. (For more information on our legal translation services, click on this link.)
It is very important not to entrust these types of texts to online machine translation and content generation services, even those that focus exclusively on such texts, as no two activities are exactly the same (due to their location, the target market, the specific characteristics of the process involved, etc.) and any mistakes could result in serious consequences for the owner of the website.

Do you translate websites in both directions, i.e. into Spanish as well as into foreign languages?

Yes. We provide our clients with a dedicated team of translators specialising in the languages that are most in demand at the European level (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch and Portuguese). Additionally, we adapt our work in line with the different variants of each language (e.g. Latin American Spanish, American English, Brazilian Portuguese, etc.), in order to generate greater trust within the local market. We also take on projects in other languages, such as Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Ask us for information on prices and time frames.