Website translation

When translating a website, it is crucial to achieve a professional translation, as internet search engines prioritise well written web pages. Likewise, the translator needs to have knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation) and use the ideal keywords to make sure the translated website is well placed in search engine results. Translating a website means translating not only visible content, but also URLs, keywords, meta tags and, more generally, all the invisible content trawled by search engines in order to position the website in search results.

At Ampersand Translations, we have the tools to translate directly from html, php, xml, po and many other types of file and deliver the translations in the same format. Finally, when a website is translated, final testing is paramount. To do this, when validating the final texts, the translator checks that all the translated text is correctly formatted and that usability standards are met.

Website translation into Catalan

Catalan is highly present on the internet and on social media. The language’s vitality means that having your website in Catalan will open the door to a huge audience of Catalan speakers. But don’t forget: translating a website into Catalan is about much more than linguistics, so you will need a team of translators who are experts in SEO, tagged formats and meta tags, among other aspects of website translation. For your website translations into Catalan, trust in professionals like Ampersand Translations and our team of native-speaker translators who specialise in this field.

Website translation into Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language as a mother tongue in the world, only beaten by Mandarin Chinese. The number of users you can reach if you translate your website into Spanish is therefore enormous. So, it is essential that you provide your website in this language if you are looking for online success. And don’t forget: given the wide variety of countries where Spanish is spoken, your digital content needs to be translated into the relevant variant or into a neutral Spanish, suitable for all users. At Ampersand Translations, we have plenty of experience in the field of website translation and pay special attention to factors that can affect your SEO, so that your message reaches as many Spanish-speaking users as possible.

Website translation into English

English is the most widely present language on the internet and, as the lingua franca of the digital world, is the language that reaches the greatest number of users. A high percentage of companies and successful communicators use this language to reach their followers. So, if you want to harness the power of a worldwide audience, it is essential that you translate your website into English, so that your campaigns reach users all over the world. At Ampersand Translations, we are pioneers in website translation. Your website will be translated into English by our experienced team of translators who are native speakers of the different variants of this language.

Website translation into French

The francophone world is home to a vast, rich digital ecosystem, with millions of users who really value receiving information in their own language. So, if you want to expand your audience by reaching francophone users, you will need to translate your website into French. At Ampersand Translations, we translate websites into French while considering the factors that affect digital materials (SEO, readability, etc.) and using the tagged and interchange formats that make your translation projects smooth and easy.

Website translation into German

There are over 130 million speakers of German, who all appreciate receiving information in their own language. So, to reach this vast audience, you will need to have your website translated into German. At Ampersand, we work with a team of native German translators and have plenty of experience in website translation. We will look at all the factors that affect this type of translation, such as SEO, writing style and file format (tagged interchange file format).

Website translation into Italian

If you want your business’s products and content to reach Italian-speaking users (approximately 70 million people), you need to translate your website into Italian. Websites can exist in many forms, and may even rely on a content management system. At Ampersand Translations, we are experts in this type of translation and have all the necessary skills and tools to translate your website into Italian, while maintaining its format and taking into account different aspects of digital communication (SEO, readability, interchange format, etc.).

Website translation into Portuguese

The Portuguese-language market is almost boundless, with around 235 million potential users. To reach this vast audience, it is important to translate your website into Portuguese, while keeping in mind the language variety of your target audience and the different aspects of online texts: SEO, readability, tagged formats, etc. At Ampersand Translations, we and our team of translators, who are all native Portuguese speakers and have plenty of experience in this field, take all these factors into account when translating your website into Portuguese.

Website translation into Chinese

To reach users in China, the biggest market in the world, you need to communicate well with your target audience. The most important step is translating your website into Chinese, although simply translating the content is not enough; cultural differences, which are especially striking in the digital world, must be taken into account. You therefore need to rely on a qualified translator with knowledge of the Chinese digital ecosystem who can help your message reach your final users through the appropriate variety of Chinese (simplified or traditional). At Ampersand, we take this and factors specific to the digital world (SEO, readability, tagged formats, etc.) into account when translating your digital content into Chinese, so that your message reaches your audience in the ideal conditions.

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