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Offering your website in another language does not mean it will automatically achieve a high ranking on Google and other search engines and attract new customers who speak that language, even if the website is ranked highly in the original language. To achieve a high ranking you need specialists who know how to produce a professional SEO translation: in other words, professionals who not only translate the content, but also know the cultural, economic, geographical and other implications of the keywords chosen for the translated version of the website and know how to use those keywords naturally when writing the text. At Ampersand we have more than 25 years of experience in commercial translation, and have been translating SEO-oriented content in different languages for over a decade.

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Google takes the added value of the translation into account

Obviously, an SEO translation aims to achieve a high Google ranking for the translated content by using keywords that have an increased commercial value for the company, just like the original version of the website. However, in order to achieve this, simply using these keywords in the text, titles and non-visible content is not enough. You also need to propose alternative terms with a similar commercial value, know the jargon and idioms and the differences between dialects, and understand the social and cultural background of the target market. Only by doing this can you create content with added value that Google does not perceive as a mere copy, even though its message is the same as the text it was translated from. In turn, Google will take this added value into account and assign the website a high ranking on the search results page.

Why use Ampersand’s professional SEO translators?

We have experience in translation for SEO and online marketing

We assign SEO translations to professionals who have experience of Internet marketing and advertising, know the necessary techniques for incorporating the client’s chosen keywords into the text in a way that sounds natural, and have the capacity to use them correctly in meta tags, URLs, etc.

We are experts in the target language and industry terminology

Regardless of the types of products or services offered by our clients, we have translators who are native speakers of the target language for each sector, boast up-to-date knowledge of the relevant terminology, and use translation memories and glossaries to ensure their translations are impeccable.

We give texts a unique style that make them stand out from the competition

Using a translation agency instead of an online translator platform ensures that your texts will always be assigned to the same translator, who will give them an authentic, consistent style that enhances the prestige of your brand.

We assign our clients a single point of contact, who is accountable for our work

We have delivered more than 40,000 projects to over 2,000 clients, thanks to the quality of our translations, our compliance with deadlines, our capacity to adapt, and our personalised approach that seeks to ensure complete satisfaction for our clients.

We help companies increase traffic to their websites

Dozens of companies have entrusted us to provide professional SEO translation services for regular website content that plays a vital role in achieving results, such as information on new products and services, blog posts, etc. Contracting Ampersand’s services is a solution that will prevent the tensions, delays and quality issues that can sometimes arise when materials are translated internally. Moreover, our structure enables us to adapt to shorter translations as well as high-volume projects while ensuring the same levels of quality and compliance with deadlines. We adapt to the client’s publication schedule (monthly articles, launch of online services or products, etc.), as well as their budget and specific needs with regard to confidentiality and quality.

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How do I request a quote for professional SEO translation services from Ampersand?

We take into account all of the variables required to guarantee an accurate and effective translation, with the best price-quality ratio and always delivered on time.

Professional SEO translation: FAQ

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What types of websites can benefit from Ampersand’s professional SEO translation services?

Any website, regardless of size or sector, can be translated in line with SEO criteria in order to achieve a higher ranking on Google, especially when less competitive Internet search terms are involved. Examples can range from a simple website for a restaurant, to an online store with hundreds of products that need a technical SEO translation.

If my website already has a high ranking in its original language, will your translation of the website achieve the same result in the language I want it translated into?

That depends on many different factors. For example, the level of competition in the target language may be different to that of the original language. In order for a website to achieve a high ranking, it is important that the keywords chosen to describe the content match the search terms that people actually use when they are searching for the product or service that the company is offering. We cannot assume that people who speak the target language search for the literal translation of the product or service in question. At Ampersand we recommend that our clients determine which keywords best match their commercial objectives, as they did with the original content.

I’ve already researched the keywords and want them to be used in the translation of the content. Is that possible?

Yes. You can give us a list of the keywords and we will take them into account when translating the titles, text, meta tags, URLs, etc. If we feel it may be necessary to consider alternative terms for reasons of linguistic correctness or cultural adaptation, we will suggest them to you during the translation process, so that you can evaluate them.

How long does a professional SEO translation usually take?

It depends on the length, format, language and terminology of the content that is to be translated. Website content consisting of just a few hundred words with standard terminology may only require a few days to translate, while content of a similar length but with more complex terminology, and in a less common language, may require more time.
If you would like to know the exact time frame for translating your website content, ask us for a no-obligation quote, making sure to send us the materials that are to be translated (in Word, Excel or another format). We will then set a specific deadline, which we will comply with scrupulously. Moreover, for ongoing projects with companies that need to translate content regularly, we can offer shorter time frames thanks to the specific glossaries and translation memories we create, which help to streamline the translation of repeated words and sentences.

Some websites, such as online stores, often repeat the same text on different pages. Are these repetitions charged at the same rate as new text?

It depends on the context of each repetition. We need to have all of the material that is to be translated, including any repeated words or sentences (which clients sometimes remove in order to reduce the word count), as our translators need the full context so that they can produce a high-quality translation. When preparing the quote, we will take the repetition rate into account in order to make sure that the quote is as cost-effective as possible and to minimise the time frame for delivery.

Do you translate websites in both directions, i.e. into Spanish as well as into foreign languages?

Yes. We provide our clients with a dedicated team of translators who are native speakers of the target language and specialise in the languages that are most in demand at the European level (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch and Portuguese). Additionally, we adapt our work in line with the different variants of each language (e.g. Latin American Spanish, American English, Brazilian Portuguese, etc.), in order to generate greater trust within the local market. We also take on projects in other languages, such as Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Ask us for information on prices and time frames.