Selling in the local language

Serving customers in their own language is fundamental in any kind of business

In business, language use is not a question of law, but of service. Your client will appreciate that you have made an effort to communicate that goes beyond legal requirements and will feel more comfortable and better assisted during the information and purchase process.
80% of consumers expect to be served in their own language during commercial transactions.
In 70% of cases, providing after-sales support for a product or service in the consumers' language increases the likelihood that they will buy the same brand again in the future.
More than half of consumers are willing to pay a higher price for a product if supplementary information and documentation are provided in their own language.
More than half of consumers only do their shopping on websites that present the information in their own language.
Website visitors are between three and four times more likely to purchase products if the content is in their own language.
Internet users spend twice as long on a website if the content is in their own language.