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At Ampersand, we offer our clients an urgent translation service for the most in-demand languages pairs, for which we have an expanded translation team. This service is also available for texts under a certain length as well as for the most common kinds of documents, such as ID cards, driving licenses, marriage certificates, criminal records, etc. We provide the most accurate, high-quality translations within 24-48 hours (working days only). Request information on rates, documents and languages here:

Languages we offer urgent translation for:


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Maximum speed and the quality that sets us apart

At Ampersand we take both the quality of our translations and meeting deadlines very seriously, which is why we do not take on projects unless we are certain that we will be able to finish them before our client’s deadline. That is why we centre our urgent translation service on cases in which we can guarantee both: we focus on languages which have a great demand, and offer this service for editable documents as well as for the most frequent legal and academic documents, providing they are under 1,000 words. We can also adjust delivery times for longer documents on standard topics or more complex legal documents (as long as we are dealing with a common language pair).

Traducció urgent

What documents do we translate urgently?

  • Editable documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XML, XLIFF, etc.) of a standard complexity which are under 1,000 words.
  • Documents frequently required for different procedures: criminal records, ID cards, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, academic diplomas, etc.

Traducció jurídica per a empreses

What languages do we offer urgent translation for?

English Catalan, Spanish
Catalan English
Catalan Spanish
Spanish Catalan

Sworn translations:

English Catalan, Spanish
Catalan Spanish
Spanish Catalan

Why is Ampersand the company you want for your urgent translation?

Immediate availability

If your order meets the requirements that allow us to deliver a maximum-quality urgent translation, we will start work on it straightaway.

Impeccable translations

Our urgent translations maintain the same care and attention to detail as our standard translations, provided by native translators with expert terminology knowledge.

Reasonable prices

Urgent translations are charged at a higher rate than standard. Nevertheless, we make an effort to offer the best value for money to stay competitive.

How can we keep up our high-quality standards in urgent translations?

At Ampersand, we have developed a specific methodology for urgent translations that ensures quality is not compromised despite tight deadlines. We immediately assign the project to a translator with experience in the type of document and language pair. This ensures accuracy and cohesion, while the use of computer-assisted translation tools allows us to work faster without sacrificing quality. That is why we can commit to offering an urgent service for certain documents and language pairs.

Traduccions de qualitat

Urgent sworn translations

Our urgent translation service includes sworn translations from English or French into Catalan or Spanish for documents under 1,000 words, such as ID cards, driving licenses, birth certificates, death certificates, criminal records, academic records, registry documents (business, births, marriages and deaths, etc.). In these cases, we can commit to delivering the document within 24-48 hours (working days only).

Traducció jurada per a empreses

Your urgent translations, in the best of hands

25 years’ experience

We are one of the top translation companies in Barcelona, with a solid reputation and a bricks-and-mortar office. We have worked on over 40,000 projects, giving our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their translations are in good hands.

The best team of translators

Our stable team is a result of our careful selection policy and continuous training. Our professionals are native speakers of the target language, have at least 5 years’ experience and are specially trained in translation or an equivalent area.

Tested work methodology

Our tested procedure includes the careful assignment of projects to the most appropriate translators, the use of the latest computer-assisted translation tools and rigorous quality controls to guarantee precision and fluency in every translation.

Proven customer satisfaction

Our clients give us excellent marks on Google reviews and we can offer valuable references for our work. We make an effort so that our clients may enjoy the best attention and service.

Absolute confidentiality

All our translators are bound by confidentiality contracts, and we also enter any agreements regarding the processing of documents required by our clients. Moreover, our teams and processes protect every stage of the translation.

We have the best team for your urgent translation

Native speakers of the target language

Our translators have a deep knowledge of the language and its cultural context, which guarantees a natural and accurate translation, appropriate for your target audience.

Excellent language proficiency

Our professionals’ ability to correctly understand and translate the most complex content in the source language guarantees that the meaning and tone of the original message will carry over into the translation.

Comprehensive knowledge of terminology

Law, medicine, tech, marketing and many more – our translators know the field’s specialised terminology and use it to ensure an accurate and coherent translation.

Stable relationship with the company

As we have a stable workforce, we can guarantee their immediate availability and the quality of their work. Other companies use freelancers who have not gone through a selection process.

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How does the urgent translation process work?

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