Translations for businesses in Barcelona

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At Ampersand we make it possible for companies to communicate with any audience clearly and effectively. We translate all types of documents, such as business plans, annual reports, patents, contracts, catalogues, corporate videos for dubbing or subtitling, internal communications, websites, software, and much more. Our quality, experience, certification, confidentiality and prices have enabled us to work with dozens of internationally renowned companies in a wide variety of fields, including technology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, real estate, banking and retail, among others.

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Businesses have been placing their trust in us for more than 25 years

There are very few businesses that have never needed to communicate with a company, organisation or clientele in another country. At one time or another, they will have wanted to close a deal, draw up a contract, launch and advertise a product or service, or even take legal action against a company in another country. In such cases, it is vital to have a partner who will ensure that all of the communications issued and received by the business are faithful to the original while remaining comprehensible to the recipient, strictly confidential and respectful of the stipulated deadlines. At Ampersand, we have helped companies to achieve these objectives for more than 25 years.

For international business agreements

We translate acquisition agreements, articles of association, letters of intent, deeds of incorporation, sworn statements, balance sheets, meeting minutes, judicial rulings, confidentiality agreements, arbitration decisions and any other type of document that may be required for mergers, acquisitions and other international business activities, so that the documents will have legal effect in Spain or any other country.

To advertise companies in any country

We translate all types of documents related to corporate communication and advertising, so that companies’ messages can reach a wider audience: website content, advertising campaigns (e.g. ads for radio, TV or press, Google and Facebook Ads, posters, etc.), estimates, invoices, delivery notes and more, in any medium and format.

To build loyalty among staff and clients overseas

We translate the documents that enable companies to create a bond with their international clients and the staff of their foreign subsidiaries, thereby boosting their productivity, reputation and turnover: personal communications, internal newsletters, training course content, corporate videos, and more.

To innovate and lead the global market

We translate the documents that enable companies - and their products and services - to become industry leaders, such as market studies, business plans, patents and patent applications, technical data sheets, user manuals, data collection and interpretation, software localisation, and more.

What makes us stand out from other agencies that provide translations for businesses?

Client-oriented service

With project managers who will analyse and understand your business and needs; and, for the main European languages, our own dedicated team of translators for each project.

Strict quality control

Guaranteed by stringent internal verification processes that we have perfected and adapted throughout the years.

A management system that guarantees confidentiality

Because we know that the vast majority of the documents we handle are highly sensitive.

We adhere to strict deadlines and clear agreements

We synchronise our schedules with those of your company (fiscal, legal, product launches, etc.), to ensure we function as a single team.

We have more than two decades of experience

In translating documents of all types (technical, financial, legal, etc.), including those your company needs.

We work with our own team of native translators

Our translators are highly qualified, boast more than five years of experience, have undergone our rigorous selection process and offer in-depth knowledge of the source and target markets and each individual sector.

We use specialised glossaries and memories for your translations

To make sure your documents are consistent and ensure speed and flexibility for each new process.

We offer fully bespoke solutions

We have the capacity to handle large volumes, work with any format and integrate ourselves into your company’s team, among other abilities.

Proven levels of client satisfaction

Our clients always recommend us to others; as a result of which we have delivered more than 40,000 projects.

We work with all formats and file types

Companies that entrust their translations to Ampersand do not have to worry about converting the material to be translated into common formats or file types such as Word or Excel, as we also work directly with CSV databases and HTML, PHP, XML, PO, JSON, InDesign files and more, in order to save our clients time and money.

We offer translation services and solutions in all fields, starting at €0.10 per word

Traducció jurada per a empreses

Sworn translation

We translate documents for any official procedures in Spain or abroad, using translators approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Traducció jurídica

Legal translation

We translate documents of a legal nature, such as deeds of incorporation, contracts, confidentiality agreements, articles of association, court rulings, etc.

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Traducció tècnica per a empreses

Technical translation

We translate documents that enable products to be made and consumed anywhere in the world: plans, user manuals, patents, technical data sheets, etc.

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Traducció financera empreses

Financial translation

We translate documents related to banking, finance and the economy, such as profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, annual reports, etc.

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Traducció publicitària empreses

Advertising translation

We translate documents designed to advertise products and services in another language, such as video and audio ads, still images, online content, etc.

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Traducció webs empreses

Website translation

We translate SEO-oriented web content, including visible content and URLs, keywords, meta tags, etc., in the same format in which the webpage is written.

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Localització de software per empreses

Software localisation

We translate software, offering a guaranteed connection and fit between the text and the IT components that use it.

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Correcció de textos per empreses

Copy editing

We enable companies to present the best possible image of themselves by ensuring that their texts are free of spelling and typographical mistakes and stylistic errors.

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We have a specialised team for medical and pharmaceutical translations

Some of our long-standing clients include renowned medical, pharmaceutical and chemical companies, for whom we translate documents in a wide variety of areas, including medicine and surgery, health statistics, clinical diagnostics, patents and patent applications, patient information leaflets, clinical analyses, market research, reports, doctoral theses, and many other types of documents related to the medical and pharmaceutical industry. We also provide sworn translation services for documents that need to be legally valid in Spain or abroad.

Traducció científica

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Send us the quote form along with your details and the document you wish to translate, and tell us which language you require. We will then evaluate your request and get back to you very promptly. If you need a quote for a larger project, call us or send us an e-mail and a project manager with experience of working in your sector will contact you shortly.