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At Ampersand, we understand professional translation services as the perfect balance between human talent, provided by native speakers of the target language with expert knowledge of relevant terminology who we have trained, and the best advanced translation tools and processes. Thanks to this philosophy, in over 25 years’ experience, we have worked for over 2,000 clients, among them leading enterprises in every industry, and we have completed over 40,000 translation projects. Whatever the field, complexity, document format or size of the project, we have the best solution for your professional translation needs.

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Ampersand’s commitment to excellence

While other translation companies have prioritised automation, cost cuts or speed at the expense of quality, Ampersand has always chosen to have the best team of translators, all of them native speakers in the target language who know the culture of source and target country and language, and who have expert knowledge of the terminology in the field of the texts they are about to translate.

Moreover, in long-term projects we always assign the same translators to each job, so they may develop an in-depth knowledge of the content of these translations and of each client’s preferences. We believe this is the only way to offer excellent professional translation services centring on the goals of companies or individuals who hire us.

Most common professional translations

Legal translation:

  • Purchase and lease agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Privacy policies
  • Deeds of incorporation
  • Notarised deeds and powers of attorney
  • Legal suits and rulings
  • Wills and trusts

Technical translations:

  • User manuals and guides
  • Software localisation
  • Warranties
  • Technical reports, plans, projects and drawings
  • Patents and patent applications
  • Technical data sheets
  • Installation manuals

Financial translations:

  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Balance sheets
  • Audit reports
  • Annual reports
  • Tax reports
  • Benefit statements
  • Meeting minutes

Advertising translation:

  • Television, radio and press advertising
  • Flyers, leaflets, catalogues, packaging, etc.
  • Billboards, posters, etc.
  • Online marketing campaigns
  • Ad creatives and adverts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ads
  • Websites and online shops

What can Ampersand clients expect?

Translations in impeccable language, using precise terminology and maximum cultural adequacy thanks to our expert translations, who work supported by advanced translation tools and processes.

A wide range of languages and specialities, with over 60 language combinations in all areas (legal, technical, financial, advertising, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.), with greater presence in the most in-demand languages.

A fair price for excellent quality, thanks to tailored budgets that take into account the number of words, repetition ratios and urgency, as well as the volume.

Punctual delivery, guaranteed by our efficient project management and coordination of professional translators: we adapt resources and teams to the urgency and complexity of each task, in order to meet the agreed deadlines - always.

Save time and don’t worry - we work with all formats so that our clients needn’t waste time and effort changing formats: Word, Excel, InDesign, HTML, JSON, XML, XLIFF, PO and many more.

A coherent result in recurrent or large translations, as we always assign the same team to the same client and project to guarantee coherence and a similar style in every translation.

Fluid communication, since we assign each client to a project manager that acts as a direct and personalised link, which makes it easier to understand the client’s needs and guarantees a quick and effective answer.

The necessary adaptability for any project, from a one-off translation of an identity card to the monthly translation of web content, legal documents or technical material.

A personalised and client-centric approach, which allows us to understand their specific needs in a way that meets their goals and expectations, guaranteeing top-quality service and satisfaction.

A quick answer to unexpected changes in circumstances, since we are committed to flexibility and the proactive resolution of problems, thus ensuring projects will be completed effectively even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

Cast-iron confidentiality guarantee: we stick to our own and clients’ confidentiality agreements and use data protection systems to keep the information we use, which we know is highly sensitive.

The peace of mind of using a consolidated translation company with over 25 years’ experience in Barcelona, excellent online reviews and a physical office in the city, which vouches for each of our projects.

Full support service for companies expanding internationally

There is a plethora of documents and texts that a company with any degree of presence in international markets needs to translate routinely, from legal, technical or financial documents to contracts, patents, instruction manuals, financial statements or court orders, to texts related to the company’s internal or external communication, emails, websites and online shops, internet advertising, social media messages and many more. At Ampersand we have been offering an exclusive full support service for companies for over 25 years. We adapt to each company’s schedules, content specialisation, formats or tools, their brand’s tone and vocabulary, their products and services, their confidentiality requirements, etc.

Our professional sworn translation speciality

At Ampersand we are experts in sworn translation, a special service for documents to be valid legally in other countries or for documents from other countries to be legally valid in Spain. Our sworn translators, holding a Spanish Foreign Office certificate, work with maximum precision and rigour, guaranteeing the translation is faithful to the source document and meets the necessary legal requirements. We work with a wide range of documents, such as birth certificates, academic titles, contracts, wills and other legal documents, and offer our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their translations are signed off by specialist translators.

Traducció jurada per a empreses
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