Translation memories

Translation memories are a computer-assisted translation tool that stores all the translations we carry out for our clients.

Every time we translate a new document, the translator compares it with the client’s translation memory and, if there are repeated segments, the existing translation will be applied once the translator has checked that it can be used in the new context.

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Advantages of translation memories

  • Lower translation costs: we apply discounts for repetitions.
  • Quicker translation time: if there are repetitions, the translation will be delivered sooner.
  • Preservation of original format: this system means that you can send us texts in any editable format and we will deliver the translation in the same format (both the document and the text: bold, italics, spacing, etc.).
  • Consistently translated documents: translation memories ensure that all the texts you give us will be translated using the same terminology, regardless of when the translation is carried out.