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At Ampersand we help companies to communicate clearly and efficiently with any audience. We have dedicated translators for all of the main areas of specialised translation, where demand is principally concentrated in the legal, technical, financial, business, advertising, marketing, medical and pharmaceutical fields. Our services combine quality, experience, certification, confidentiality and value, and have enabled us to work with dozens of internationally renowned companies for whom we regularly translate documents such as business plans, annual reports, patents, contracts, catalogues, patient information leaflets, corporate videos for dubbing or subtitling, internal communications, websites, software, and much more.

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Our areas of specialised translation

Sworn or certified

This type of translation is required for specific procedures, generally of a legal nature. Examples of documents that may require sworn translation include deeds of incorporation, so that a company can carry out a merger in another country; a marriage certificate, so that a couple can adopt a child in another country; a university degree certificate, so that the holder can work abroad; and so on. At Ampersand we have a stable team of sworn translators who are certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as officially approved translators of the languages that are most in demand within the European Union.

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Legal or judicial

Without necessarily being sworn or certified, specialised legal translation involves the translation of any type of legal document, such as court rulings, notarised powers of attorney, wills, etc. At Ampersand we provide specialised translation services in this field for law firms, international companies and individuals, thanks to our team of professional translators who are not only native speakers of the target language, but also boast linguistic proficiency and legal training in relation to the source and target countries.

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Technical and industrial

Every year we translate hundreds of technical documents that require a thorough knowledge of scientific terminology and the target market and sector, as well as linguistic proficiency. The companies we work with include goods manufacturers and service providers, professional firms in fields such as architecture and engineering, and educational institutions such as universities, among others. Patents, instruction manuals, blueprints and catalogues are just a few examples of the documents that our specialist technical translators work with.

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Financial and business

Every year, companies of all sizes and from all sectors entrust us with the translation of hundreds of documents related to finance, banking and the economy (e.g. profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, tax reports, etc.). These translations require specific terminology and place a great deal of responsibility on the translator, who not only needs to specialise in financial, banking and business terminology (as well as being a native speaker of the target language), but must also have knowledge of the standards and regulations in the source and target countries.

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Advertising and marketing

The advertising translations carried out by Ampersand seek to communicate the meaning of the original text in a way that is not only precise, but also ensures that the message achieves the same impact in the target market. This requires an adaptive approach to translation. Our team of advertising and marketing translators has experience in the translation of posters, websites, ads for television and radio, online advertising campaigns, and much more.

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Medical and pharmaceutical

Medical and pharmaceutical translation is a highly specialised field that requires translators to have an in-depth knowledge of the terminology in both the source and target languages. Our team of medical and pharmaceutical translators boasts extensive experience in the translation of medical documents, clinical trial reports, patient information leaflets, medical prescriptions and other texts for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, educational institutions, insurance companies and the like; consequently, they understand the meaning of the text and the terminology and are familiar with the regulations and legislation that govern medical and pharmaceutical matters.

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For over 25 years we have provided the best quality, on time and at the best price

At Ampersand we firmly believe that a good translation can make the difference between the success or failure of a personal or business enterprise involving different countries. That is why we provide high-quality translations carried out by native translators boasting excellent language skills, a mastery of the terminology for their area of specialisation and extensive knowledge of the culture of the target market. When a client entrusts us with a translation, they can rest assured that it is in the hands of the best professional, will be delivered on time, and is priced at a highly competitive rate that also takes into account any repeated content.

How do we guarantee our work?

Our translators are native speakers who know the source and target markets, have undergone training in their area of specialised translation in order to gain expert knowledge of the terminology, and boast more than five years of proven experience.

Our translation processes are subject to constant review, by means of an internal quality assessment system that has enabled us to attract over 2,000 satisfied clients and deliver more than 50,000 projects over the course of our existence.

Our commitment to confidentiality is underpinned by individual agreements with our translators and, if the client wishes, by an additional agreement between companies, as we know that the documents we handle are often of a highly sensitive nature (e.g. patents, manuals for products that are yet to be launched on the market, personal documents, etc.).

Our communication with our clients is also geared towards achieving excellence: each client is assigned a project manager who is always available to address their needs via the telephone, e-mail or even in person.

Our flexibility is assured, thanks to a stable team of translators and an extensive network of frequent collaborators that enable us to handle any project, whether large or small, one-off or regular, simple or complex, and in a wide range of languages.

How do our specialised translation services work?

Although the process may vary depending on the needs of the client, in general our approach is as follows:

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