Translation processes

Constantly innovating translation processes and systems

At Ampersand Translations, we believe that good translation is a service based on talent. Nevertheless, we also believe that, as in any other trade or art, the methodology is important. Consequently, we analyse and systematise translation processes to guarantee, among other benefits, the uniformity, repeatability, traceability, efficiency, and scalability of the service.

  • We use just one translator for each translation project.
  • All our translators work with terminological glossaries, created both by Ampersand Translations and by our clients.
  • We offer translation memory services to clients with repetitive documentation in order to optimise the translation process, improve quality and reduce translation costs.
  • Our structure and work methodology enable us to take on large translation projects with the utmost guarantee of quality.
  • We are constantly researching and applying advanced translation assistance tools to further improve current processes.
  • Our management system ensures the total confidentiality of all our clients’ documents.