Professional translators

Without good translators there are no good translations

We believe in the importance of the talent of the best translators as the fundamental base of an excellent translation service. Ampersand identifies, selects, trains and supports the best professional translators.

Translation is a service that requires a lot of highly qualified human resources. Progress in language technology and automatic translation have not diminished this fact, but instead have accentuated it; these technologies optimise professional translators’ work with computer-assisted translation tools, which enable them to offer optimum translations from both a technical and a linguistic point of view.

As an Ampersand client, your company will benefit from this entire talent base, which both you and your customers will notice in the quality and accuracy of your communications in any language.

The result: linguistic and functional quality. In other words, translations that are…

  • Linguistically correct
  • Technically accurate
  • Communicatively effective
  • Legally valid
  • Culturally appropriate