More than 25 years helping you to export

Ampersand Translations was founded in 1994 by Xavier Garcia, a professional translator who works with English, French, Spanish and Catalan, and carries out sworn translations in these languages.

In 1994, translation was an old profession that was struggling to adapt to the new demands of the modern market and to what were then new technologies. In translation, information technology was limited to the first word processors, unreliable tools, and still very limited computers with no graphic interface. Communications were still based on telephone, fax, and rudimentary modems, if not floppy disks or courier services. A paper dictionary was… a dictionary. The internet was just a rumour.

It is no wonder that Ampersand Translations was founded precisely on the opportunity offered by IT applied to the improvement of the efficiency of the translation process. The new corpus-based translation technologies were heirs of the eternal promise of automatic translation and, over ten years before Google, they were beginning to suggest a future in which statistic intelligence would replace linguistics as the paradigm of computer translation.

The economy of scale brought about by these new technologies directed Ampersand towards a production model that, on a very small scale, applied the work philosophy of the consolidated industrial sectors by which the company was inspired to translation. The actual production formula was based on an internal and stable team of high-quality translators in a work environment that was technological, organised, methodical, collaborative, accumulative and networked, designed to realise its full potential.

Nevertheless, a company is more than just its factory, and translating is not the same as mass-producing cars. Ampersand Translations has continued to evolve with its market to place increasing importance on non-linguistic elements as an inherent part of the translation service: customer service, dealing with formats, adapting processes to clients and personalising all aspects of the service, etc. Today, Ampersand Translations sees translation as a series of services, each with added value, and considers translation in the traditional sense to be just a part of this series.

Today, Ampersand is a company that strikes the perfect balance between youth and maturity, with more than 200 collaborators, a company that makes the most of its experience to continue to evolve and consolidate itself as a leader in business translation services for organisations with multicultural audiences and companies with international communication needs. Companies like yours.