Ampersand Translations

Your market is the whole wide world. We will help you to conquer it.

Ampersand Translation is a translation agency based in Barcelona with more than twenty-five years of experience. We offer the linguistic services needed to take your content to the next level in terms of linguistic quality.


Ampersand’s vision is to turn the world’s cultural diversity into a competitive edge for companies, transforming languages into tools for communication, differentiation and penetration in new markets and making them an integral part of the company’s value proposition.


Ampersand’s mission is to improve its clients’ competitive position and help them achieve their goals by adapting their communications (in any medium or format) to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of their target audience in order to facilitate the dissemination and acceptance of their products, services, messages, brands and overall image.


We accomplish this mission by listening to and recognising our clients’ needs and designing tailored systems, protocols, interfaces and tools to meet them. We are thus able to offer a service that is both executed by highly talented professionals and built on a solid technological and organisational foundation that guarantees its quality and efficiency.


Our overarching goal is quality. We achieve it by embracing the following four values:


A customer-oriented approach and a willingness to innovate.


Recognition of human talent as the defining feature of our team, something no technology could ever replace.


Organisation and systematisation of services to make them repeatable and verifiable, with the ultimate aim of ensuring their lasting quality and durability.


An active and ongoing interest in technology as a necessary tool to organise, structure, and provide our services efficiently and effectively.