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Website translations
  • Over 50% of customers are happy to pay more for a product if accompanying information is written in their own language.
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Website translations

Website translations by specialised website translators.

A good website should always be professionally translated since search engines prioritise well-written sites. The translator must have a solid grasp of SEO (search engine optimisation) criteria in order to choose the right keywords to ensure that the translated site ranks just as high as the original.

Translating a website means translating not only the visible content, but also all the URLs, keywords, meta tags and other invisible content that search engines use to rank it.

At Ampersand Translations, we have tools that allow us to translate html, php, xml, po, and similar file formats directly and, thus, deliver our translations in the same format.

Finally, we offer a final testing service for our website translations, whereby the translator reviews the final texts, making sure that they are properly formatted and follow usability principles.


Website translations

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