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Advertising translation
  • Over 50% of customers are happy to pay more for a product if accompanying information is written in their own language.
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Advertising translation

Advertising translation is one of our specialities.

Advertising texts are special: they use words to communicate, evoke, suggest, provoke... In short, they use words to sell. Which is why advertising translations must both convey the original message and awaken the same sensations, perceptions and reactions as the original text.

With advertising translations, it is not enough to translate word for word; advertising translators must take into account cultural references and word play, and adapt the message to be conveyed to the target audience.

At Ampersand Translations, we have extensive experience in advertising translation. We also offer a proofreading service in which our translator checks the final layout of the translated text for typos and other last-minute errors, and makes sure that it fits with the graphics and target audience.

Moreover, our team of in-house advertising translators allows us to provide an especially quick and flexible service for these types of texts.


Advertising translators

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Advertising translations

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